by mucklo

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First E.P. put out by Mucklo.


released May 17, 2016

All tracks written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Mucklo.
All tracks on PERSONAS were recorded at COMMON SHAMAN STUDIO in Frankfort, IN.



all rights reserved


mucklo Frankfort, Indiana

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Track Name: Power Down
Power Down - Mucklo

Let it go,
Power down.
Feed the wire through the hole.

Come back home,
Power up.
Feed the fire until its full.

Don't modify,
I've got it up and running.
Once again.

Not for long,
Not for long.

Shaving off my fingertips,
So I can finally get a grip.
I've got everything you need,
Infomercials while I bleed.

Livid patients while I sleep,
Metallic knives that cut too deep.

Finely spun in lullabies,
Splitting hairs between your thighs.
Stuck inside of my own,
Fallacy, yeah, my day dream.

I've got the scoop, I've got the sign,
Comfortable between the lines.
Dozing on my medicine,
I'll signal when.
Track Name: The Lease
The Lease - Mucklo

The results are in,
I already know you won,
So, I'll pay when i get paid.

And I've caught a glimpse,
Into your routine,
And I've seen how fast it fades.

And you locked yourself,
Inside a jewelry box,
But you're safe 'cause its all fake.

And she likes you man,
And everyone she's ever met.

She says that its just stress,
Why her voice cracks.
I'm so oblivious,
You're under attack.

You stole a look,
from beyond the wall,
You already signed the lease.

You're a plastic bag,
Filled with empty cans,
They're the kind you love so much.

And you bought a car,
But you never get that far,
'Cause you never find the keys.

She adores you man,
And everyone she's ever met.

They never found the train,
I laid the tracks.
I'm spinning in the sun,
Covered in black,

My heart lies,
Inside of Saturn's moons,
And I use the devil's tools.

To express myself,
In decline of all my health,
They think I'll get well soon.

But I self-destruct,
From behind my teeth,
And out of view from you.

And she loves you man,
And everyone she's ever met.

She says that its just stress,
Why her voice cracks.
I'm so oblivious,
You're under attack.

I'll hold my breath for you,
Until you get back.
I may finally,
Get things unpacked.
Track Name: Blossom
Blossom - Mucklo

We had a good long ride,
Now we swat away the flies,
'Cause we passed on all the jewels.

Standing in a fault line,
Where the fault is all mine,
And we're shaking all the time.

Hanging off on a limb,
Though the chance is looking slim,
The wind is on my side.

When its all said and done,
And your battles been won,
You can throw away the game.

It blossomed, and it died with me,
I had the lock, you swallowed the key.
Choked on your tongue,
Finally inside.

You drift around so aimlessly,
I was waiting for you anxiously.
But I'm still young,
Statistically speaking.

Now babe, you've got it all wrong,
When you grab a leash by the dog.
What did you expect?
How did you forget?

Lying in a fault line,
Where the pleasures all mine.
Pleasure's all we had,
Pleasure's all I had.
Track Name: Double Dealing
Double Dealing - Mucklo

Arbitrary, she's a compulsive daydreamer,
Therapeutic, grown accustomed to despair.
Unaffected by the lack of chivalry,
Double dealing, she almost has herself convinced.

She's from the orphanarium,
Radiation to my bones.
A sentimental drone.

In-betweener, the offspring of a ghost,
Paranoia, no one said she's picturesque.
Penny pincher, she's avoiding her arrest,
Able-bodied, I'm the abnormality.

She's from the orphanarium,
Radiation to my bones.
A sentimental drone.

Protruding off of my nerve's end,
Fabricated in my head.
Chasing shadows from beneath my bed,
I'm tormented by their presence.

Lost within and left without,
These altercations unannounced.
Track Name: Shangri La
Shangri La - Mucklo

I fell in love outside of Shangri La.

She invited me in,
Now I'll never grow old again.

I met a girl outside of Shangri La.

She opened a door,
To forever more.

I fell in love outside of Shangri La.

She showed me the way,
Now I'm never gonna leave this place.
Track Name: Unearthed
Unearthed - Mucklo

"So, let's begin, and start with: biology, living systems, and in particular..."

Don't write on my headstone,
I've never had much to say.
You've never had a way with words,
That's one less rock with my name on it.

Inside the plans of grand design,
You are the perfect specimen.
Unearthed in cosmic royalty.

I'm back into the old abyss,
I could be wrong, it could be bliss.
Just wait your turn, but I just have to know,
Don't cut the weeds, they're the only things that grow.

You'll never see another soul,
These herds of sheep have left their town.
Please close the door on your way out.

"What are you worried about?"